Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chocolate lounges and split sentences

One thing I miss is the ubiquitous Starbucks. In Lakeland, FL, where I last resided in 2005, Florida Avenue has one, not far from the small downtown. It's crowded, though, and not apt for quiet readings in cloudy afternoons.

The May 8, 2006 issue of BusinessWeek came with a juicy article on chocolate lounges. Penned by Adrienne Carter, the article notes that it's the latest fad in American big cities, from Portland, OR to Chicago, IL to the East Village in Manhattan.

I love reading newspaper and mag clippings on language as part of my continuing education in translation. I deplore, however, the trendy yet horrendous practice of splitting an innocuously long sentence at the 'but.' You may call that nipping it in the but.

Example: Speaking of the delicious chocolaty concoctions served at these lounges, Adrienne closes her article thus:

They may not have the same jolt as a Starbucks drink. But as far as the
experience, a choco lounge is a tasty alternative.

For shame, Adrienne!

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