Friday, December 28, 2007

Back to activity

Hello, again! I apologize for having been absent from my blog for so long. My own education took front seat (a Master's in Audiovisual Translation, an online degree course at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) for the rest of 2006. Interesting subjects: subtitling, software localization, videogame localization, dubbing. The last --dubbing-- I enjoyed the least and I wouldn't care to practice it.

Back to brass tacks. In March 2007 I was hired by a nondescript college in El Chaco (Argentina) to teach translation. Not one but four courses: traducción técnico-científica I, traducción técnico-científica II, teoría y práctica profesional de la traducción I, and teoría y práctica profesional de la traducción II. 2007 was, in a way, a watershed for me as a translator educator because I was given the chance to put my ideas to the test. I have many experiences to share here. Before I sign out for the day, let me just say that I had the opportunity to teach translation under trying circumstances. I discovered that students learn translation properly --and only-- from translators, from text, not from language. I experienced with my students a clash of cultures in that respect.

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